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NFCU cashRewards Approval

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NFCU cashRewards Approval

This is my third credit card. I am really new to credit, with up until recently, only having my student loans (I’m only 20, still in college). Both my other cards (Discover it student and Deserve Edu) have CLs of $500, so I thought I’d try my chances with applying for a NFCU card since it’s my main bank and they’ve been really good to me.

To my surprise they approved me for a CL of $3400 for their cashRewards card! Although my APR is the highest it can be (18%) it’s still significantly lower than my other two. This will probably be the card I mainly use from now on since it has the best overall cash back out of all my cards, and I’ll be sure to stick with paying off my balances in full at the end of each month to continue to build good credit history.

Some information:
They did the HP on my TransUnion report.
While I don’t know my credit scores apart from the ones on credit karma which are apparently wildly inaccurate, I had 0 HPs on my TU report prior and had a credit utilization of 19% and paid off my balances in full each month.
My “navy federal credit score” that I was supplied in the letter that came with my credit card was 273 (range is low of 100 to high of 450).

Key factors affecting NF credit score:
Utilization of bankcard credit lines in last 12 months
Limited credit experience
Ratio of accounts opened in last 24 months to all accounts
Number of balance decreases on non-mortgage accounts in last 3 months
NFCU cashRewards MC: $3400 | Apple Card: $2500 | USAA PCR Visa: $1000 | Amex BCP: $1000 | Discover it Student: $500 | Deserve Edu: $500
Total: $9900
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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Congratulations! An excellent card from an excellent CU!


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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Welcome To myFICO Forums and

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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Welcome aboard and grats on the card !
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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Welcome and congrats on the new card!

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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Congrats on your approval 

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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: NFCU cashRewards Approval

Congrats on the Navy Approval @Xic! Navy is a great FI and as long as you do them right they will take care of you. Use your card, pay it correctly and in a few months you'll find yourself applying for a 2nd one and then they'll really dish out some big limits for you. Congrats! 

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