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NFCU cashRewards and CLOC approval

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NFCU cashRewards and CLOC approval

More data points for NFCU for anyone that is interested. Applied for both today.


cashRewards instant approval for $25,000 at 11.15%.

CLOC instant approval for $15,000.


FICO 8 credit scores (from 05/23/2018) before applications were Equifax - 711; Transunion - 708; Experian - 715.

Oldest Account: 21 years, 8 months

Average Age: 12 years, 1 month

Newest Account: 3 years, 7 months


My credit report(s) showed 0 inquiries, 0 public records, 0 collections and 20 total accounts; 7 listed as open including a charge-off from Bank of America from 6.5 years ago (set to be removed from reports in August 2018). This was also the last late payment on record. From the myFICO 3B report, Equifax does not show the amount of the charge off and lists my utlilization at 1%. Both Transunion and Experian include the charge off amount of $6,944 in the utilization and shows that as 22%. From directly it shows 0% utilization and does not include the charged off amount in total credit.


I have been a member of NFCU since 2001, and over the years have had several personal loans with them. I also have a current car loan through them as well with a $43,000 balance.


Before this, my only credit cards are a Discover card at $6,000, Citi at $4,260 and two Capital One Platinum cards at $4,500 and $300.


I know they did a Transunion pull for one of the applications, but I don't which.



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Re: NFCU cashRewards and CLOC approval

Congrats on both approval and both monster SL

8-2019 / Fico 8 EX 8013 , EQ 8016 , TR 810
Amex ED 22k , CSP 17k , Discover iT 12.5k , Fifth Third Bank S2C 12k , BofA Cash Rewards 10k , Avianca Vida 10k , State Farm Good Neighbor Visa 10k , Citi DD 6k , Union Bank Rewards 5k
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Re: NFCU cashRewards and CLOC approval

Those are quite the pick-ups. Nice!

Beginning Journey April 2017 – FICO 8

Current Scores May 2018 – FICO 8

Started this credit game with $8400 TCL in 04/17 now I'm at $150K+.
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Re: NFCU cashRewards and CLOC approval

Amazing approval on a really nice profile. Wonder where the heck Citi came up with that $60? LolSmiley Wink
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Re: NFCU cashRewards and CLOC approval

The xx60 from Citi was from long ago when I much less responsible and my ex-wife kept most cards near 100% utilization. They reduced the credit limit to the current balance at the time.


As another data point for Navy Federal (NFCU), the new card is showing in my account now and includes free FICO scores. It states that Navy Federal uses Equifax FICO 9 for their credit decisions, at least for credit cards.  At the time of application my FICO 9 scores were:


FICO 9 Score - 784

FICO Bankcard Score 9 - 783

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