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NFCU credit card

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NFCU credit card

I've been a member now for 5 months  , i applied for the visa signature flagship rewards card and got instantly approved for 15k purchase limit 

$4,500 cash advance limit  at 17.49% apr ,No fuss no documents no Poi just walla! however they did a hard pull from transunion.

ah! and don't forget about the 50,000 point bonus!


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Re: NFCU credit card

Congrats on the card!

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Re: NFCU credit card


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Re: NFCU credit card

Congrats on your approval Op! Navy is a good lender for most of us.

Total CL: $321.7kUTL: 2%AAoA: 7.0yrsBaddies: 0Other: Lease, Loan, *No Mortgage, All Inq's from Jun '20 Car Shopping

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Re: NFCU credit card

Boom! 👊Great SL!!!
BK CH7--Filed September 25, 2018--D/C Jan.4, 2019
{FICO8 Feb.12, 2019--TU 580--EX 600--EQ 626}

Credit One Visa CLOSED by me May 2020!! :-)($500 now $700) Nov. 2018
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Target RedCard ($500 at 4 months $800 six months later $1900) April 2019
Venus Comenity ($500 now $1500) May 2019 no HP
Ann Taylor Loft MC ($1000) June 2020 no HP
Overstock ($350 now $2350) June 2020 no HP

FICO 8 SCORES: 06-04-2020633 TU656 EX652 EQ
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Re: NFCU credit card

Navy rocksSmiley Happy
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Re: NFCU credit card

Congrats and great SL.

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Re: NFCU credit card

Congrats!  Navy does rock.  They sent me a $5 check wanting me to learn how to use mobile deposits.  I have already used mobile deposit several times and they actually credited my account with $5.

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Re: NFCU credit card

Congrats! Navy really likes approving those Flagships with big SLs Smiley Happy
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Re: NFCU credit card

COngrats on your approval !!!!


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