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NFCU giving me some love!

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NFCU giving me some love!

Took advantage of signing up for an NFCU membership via family referral. Sister had offered this to me in the past-- i wish i had done this sooner! this was before i knew anything about NFCU and before i discovered


9/14/2016--signed up at the local San Diego branch. HP TU (score: 634)  FOR NFCU MEMBERSHIP

  • applied for: NAVCHECK and asked for the max credit limit @ $15,000 CLOC-- instant approval! HP EQUIFAX @694 SCORE
  • applied for: CashRewards CC - DENIED. HP TU @634 Smiley Sad Received the letter a week later...reason- too many delinquient accounts (history of late payments) usage too high. 


Looking to finance home renovation for my parents' home...pulled the trigger and applied for NFCU Personal Expense Loan. 


10/8/2016-- apped for Personal Loan and asked for $50,000 @ 60mos. HP TU @646 (thought they pulled Equifax for Consumer Loans? guess it's not always consistent.)

This was quite a tedious process... Loan Officer asked for a series of documents...

2 paystubs, 1 bank statement indicating direct deposit, w-2 AND AND AND 2015 TAX RETURN! 

Annual income at $144,000. They wanted to verify my monthly income.


10/9/2016- conditionally approved for $39,000/60 mos @ 17.9% APR. 

Wasn't too excited about the APR. I have 14 days to finalize the loan and submit promissory note but I think i will withdraw the application due to high APR. I will apply for PenFed by December for a Personal Loan in hopes they will give me a lower APR.


10/10/2016- been on a high with this mini app spree... applied for the CashRewards Credit Card... keep in mind, i was initially declined last month and this time, i was instantly approved for $24,000@ 14%APR!!! this is my highest CC SL!


i have yet to find out which CB they HP... what a difference a month makes! 










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Re: NFCU giving me some love!

Congratulations!!!! That is definitely how you do it!!! Big big Congrats once again!! Welcome to the Navy Federal Family and keep doing it right with them and they will reward you even more!!!

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Re: NFCU giving me some love!

thank you! NFCU has been great thus far!

PENFED has also been generous. my 2 favorite credit unions! 

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Re: NFCU giving me some love!

wells.jpg 2chase navychase east westchase us bankimg src=ChaseFreedom_F.inddC_DP7_EMV_MNLW_18-PID 257.epsnavy fedBCE&ED|Chase|NFCUcc&CLOC|WF|Cash+|ElanFin.|Dia'md prefer.|PF|Gard'N since 6/23/2017|TOTAL CL$111.2K !!!NOIIICE!!!
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Re: NFCU giving me some love!

=/ Smiley Happy very nice approvals! Enjoy them.
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Re: NFCU giving me some love!


Current Scores EQ 689| EX 688| TU 679
Comenity 57.5k| Navy Fed 52.5k| Capital One 32.3k| Synchrony 23k| BBVA Compass 5.5k| First Commerce 4k| Barclays 1.9k|
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Re: NFCU giving me some love!

Congratulations on your successesl!!!

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Re: NFCU giving me some love!

Congrats and ty for your breakdown of events.

Fico8---TU 637 , Equifax 623 , Experian 619
1 neg. on TU & EX , 0 neg. on EX.
49% Credit Usage

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