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NFCU secured - $750 approved

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Re: NFCU secured - $750 approved

@TRC_WA wrote:

You're approved for a nRewards® Secured Credit Card with a credit limit of $750.00 and an APR of 18.00%. You can expect to receive your new card in a plain, white envelope in the mail in 7-10 business days, unless you requested express delivery.


Do people actually get denied for secured cards?  LOL

Rebuilding about 2 years... Ch 13 bankruptcy discharged 4 months ago with a year or so to go until the baddies fall off the reports.  I joined PenFed and NFCU a month ago... one approved me for a card the other didn't and that's because my EQ Fico 9 is considerably higher than my TU Fico 9.  


So along with setting up DD's with NFCU I decided to get my first (and last) secured card to start building the relationship with them so they'll open the floodgates later.


Not gonna lie I think it's a bit ridiculous that my denial reasons were due to balance status of NFCU accounts as well as DD status and insufficient variety of secured loan accounts (what does that even mean? I have a car loan)... but at any rate I'm in.  NFCU internal score was 233.


I'm hoping the computer uses the same HP that was used 10 days ago... I was told by a rep it's a new HP but the NFCU thread said it might not be.  We'll see.  No HP notifications yet.


I went well over the minimum deposit of $200 so I can make more than 1 trip to Costco without maxing the card out.  Gonna garden for the next year and we'll see where I stand at that time with the clean reports. 



Congrats on the approval. Here's to seeing that relationship with them open up more opportunities for you down the line. 

Rebuild Started in 2019
Total Revolving CL- $185,000 | Opened Cards
Delta SkyMiles Platinum- SL-$1K | CL- $13.5K
(pc'd from SkyMiles Blue)
Delta SkyMiles Reserve- SL- $10K | CL- $26K
Chase Sapphire Reserve- SL $20K | CL- $29K
Cap 1 Venture Rewards- SL $10K | CL $ 15K
Amex Everyday Preferred- SL $13.1K
Chase Freedom Unlimited: SL $23.4K | CL $46.8K
BoFA Unlimited Cash SL: $20.8K
BoFA Travel Rewards SL: $20.8K
Inquiries: EX 7 | TU 2 | EQ 1
Fico 8 EX 729, TU 732 EQ 790
* I went about 20 years without credit cards bc I had ruined my financial health back in 99 as a junior in college. Never thought a creditor would touch me again but somehow I had the courage to apply for a card in 2019 when I turned 40. More mature and with much better financial literacy, things changed for the better.
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Re: NFCU secured - $750 approved

Congrats on your nRewards® Secured Credit Card and best wishes on your continued rebuild!!!

Starting FICO 8 Score in 06/2019: EQ-625, TU-649, EX-640
Current FICO 8 Score in 06/2021: EQ-796, TU-806, EX-812
Goal FICO 8 Score in 06/2022: EQ-825, TU-850, EX-850
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Re: NFCU secured - $750 approved

Thanks all and thanks @SUPERSQUID you did make me feel a lot better about the whole thing.  


Looking forward to the day that NFCU warms up to me... and that 2nd card.  I'm doing everything I need to do to make it happen!

BK 13 filed : 2-28-17 BK 13 discharged : 3-22-22
FICO8 current as of : 3-29-23 EQ: 674 TU: 663 EX: 674
Hard INQs last 12 months: EQ: 5 | TU: 8 | EX: 5
WF Platinum $1000 WF Reflect $6000 Verizon Visa $4000 Ollo MC $4000
Mission Lane Visa $1850 Credit One Platinum x5 $3000 Credit One Wander $1700 Upgrade Visa $2000
PenFed Gold Visa $2500 Amex Delta Gold $10,000 Care Credit $8000 Petal 1 Visa $2900
Cap One Quicksilver $500 NFCU CashRewards $2000 Apple Card $1500
Wells Fargo auto loan (2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands - Cactus Gray) $37k 6.79%
Total CL: $50,950 --- Total CC UTI: 14% --- AAoA: 12.5 years --- Income: $100k
Last CC app: 3-15-23 Gardening until: 3-15-24
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Re: NFCU secured - $750 approved

Congratulations! Hope it all works out well and you graduate quickly/hit the jackpot with that second card. Smiley Wink

Last App: 1/10/2023
Penfed Gold Visa Card

Currently rebuilding as of 04/11/2019.

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Current FICO 8 scores:

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Re: NFCU secured - $750 approved

Congrats on your new Navy card and GL with your rebuild

All Fico9 835+ or there abouts

These violent delights have violent ends
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Re: NFCU secured - $750 approved

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your NFCU Approval!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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