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NICKKINFL is back!!!!!!!

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NICKKINFL is back!!!!!!!

Yes, I am really done this time!! I mean really!! Ok, so I have been kind of busy!! I got my Lowe's card increased from $4000 to $10,000!!! Shocked, I just got bold one day and called into CS and said that I decided $4000 wasn't enough, need to keep my utilization low, can you give me $10,000? After about 30 seconds on hold, they came back and said those magic words....Congratulations, your limit is now $10,000!! No hp, just sp! I could not believe it!!


Applied for Home Depot and only got a $500 cl, called them back twice because I had to decide if I wanted another hp and I just knew that Citi would decline me for more, but I went for it...asked for $5000 which they approved!!! Shocked again!!


Applied for TJ Maxx, Home Goods card, got a $300 limit, called CS and got it raised to the  $1500 that I asked for. Did not want much more than this amount. sp


Applied for Pep Boys card, got $500 called CS and they would NOT budge! May try again on that one!


Applied for Belk Card, got approved for $500, did not call to ask for more, fine with that limit.


Called Amazon and Walmart and asked for cli from $3000 to $5000. Could have asked for more, but didn't want too much more in those stores...could get into trouble!! sp


If you have read my previous posts, I was supposed to stop, but I my head hangs down in shame once again!! My score only went down 4 points on TU and up 8 points on EX, no change on EQ from apps. My TU and EX scores are now in the 690's. I will stop now, because I was declined for Costco card. I realize that I have to age these store card for a year or more (my self-imposed time line)  before I can apply for Carnival and Amex cards. The only other store card that I see myself wanting is QVC, but I will wait for a year for that one. Synchrony has given me almost every card that I have applied for! $0 balance on 90% of cards.


In Dec. 2015 my scores were in the low to mid 500's and the only credit that I could get were secured credit cards and Fingerhut!! I owe it all to HOURS of reading myFICO forums and working VERY hard on my rebuild!! 

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Re: NICKKINFL is back!!!!!!!

Very nice - congrats!!

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Re: NICKKINFL is back!!!!!!!

Nice job!

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Re: NICKKINFL is back!!!!!!!

Well done!

Total CL: $321.7kUTL: 2%AAoA: 7.0yrsBaddies: 0Other: Lease, Loan, *No Mortgage, All Inq's from Jun '20 Car Shopping

BoA-55k | NFCU-45k | AMEX-42k | DISC-40.6k | PENFED-38.4k | LOWES-35k | ALLIANT-25k | CITI-15.7k | BARCLAYS-15k | CHASE-10k

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Re: NICKKINFL is back!!!!!!!

Awesome job! I feel ya on getting approved and your increases. In my experience Pep Boys for me is the hardest to cli from without hp and wven then it feels like pulling teethSmiley Sad. But again congrats on all your hard work Smiley Happy
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