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Navy Fed first card, huge SL!


Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

August 25, 2021 - I posted to Reddit r/Creditcards.  Reposting here to share story and data points.  Next week I will be applying for the More Rewards; First statement on Cash Rewards was 23 days, waiting until 3rd FULL statement (113 days?)


Approved yesterday for the Navy Federal Cash Rewards card- $25,000 !!


I absolutely want the More Rewards but went for the CR because I wanted the famed second-card-monster-limit on the MR. Never thought I would get it on my first card with them.


I didn’t see too many data points for my situation on a Navy Fed first card.


New credit file, I didn’t do any credit things for well over 10 years. No baddies on reports.

EX9 - 748 (WF App)
EX8 - 748 (Disco Scorecard,
TU8 - 755 (Disco App)
Vantage 3s - 752/754
INQ - TU 3, EQ 1, EX 3

AoOA - 2 years
AAoA - 1 year 2 months
AoYA - 6 months

8/19 Capital One Platinum $500
6/20 Discover Chrome $2500 ($3500 not reported yet)
7/20 Amex Blue Cash Everyday $3000
1/21 Apple Card $4000 ($4500 not reported yet)


Applied for Navy Federal membership mid-June 2021.
Opened checking and savings.
Transferred $3500 and split between the two accounts.
Added other Credit Union account for transfers.
Direct deposit for at least 4 weeks, 2 deposits each week.
Mobile deposited 2 checks.
Paid a couple other credit card bills (ACH).
No debit card use.


Prequalified for all NF cards.
Applied day after oldest card turned 2.
In application- included balance transfer from Amex, $228.
They pulled Transunion (my best score).
Instant approval.


Unemployed, $50000 income.


I had read about Navy doing eligibility audits, I had not been asked for proof of Military affiliation when I applied for membership. I sent a message with proof of eligibility to make sure I didn’t have any problems down the line. Hopefully that shows responsibility and built trust?


I read something about Navy liking Credit Union relationships, I have been a member of Wings Financial Credit Union for over 2 years, in good standing. Not sure if CU’s share info...


I hope that’s everything. I have no idea what got me such an incredible first card limit but I am flying high!!!

EDIT- APR 12.99%


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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!


I joined nfcu in may. they didnt ask me for proof of military service but i read a post somewhere where someone faked it and got caught a few months later and they closed all of their accounts. i think they have a way of cross checking with veterans records.

{ BK7 DC 12/2019 } target 1600/ kohls Visa 7000/ discover IT cb 6500 / 2nd discover IT cb 6000/mercury 4100 / firestone 2800 /legacy 3000 /first savings bank cc 3000/ cap1 QS 5000/ cap 1 savor one 3100 /Bread rewards Amex 4k, Penfed PCR signature visa 10k/ penfed gold 7.5k NFCU >signature visa cash rewards 21700/bread cashback amex 8000

>/ nfcu platinum 15k, BABY NEEDS NEW SHOES !!!!!
closed-- reflex, applied bank, first digital, mission lane, ikea, fingerhut, big lots, valero gasoline, ollo, more to come
Rebuilding since September 2020
who i burned - chase, cap 1, TD bank, Sync, were the biggies
Income 40k
Total utilization around 20 pct depending on my current usage/needs
Ficos in the 680 - 690 range, the 9's slightly higher than the 8's
My vantage scores 708 - 711
TCL - about 110k
Retired since 2017
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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

That is freakin awesome....CONGRATS....I love NFCU...I have been a member since 2013...

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Congrats on your NFCU approval. Thanks for providing additional DP's for the forum membersSmiley Happy

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Congratulations on your welcome NFCU card approval! Useful data points.

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Wowza! 😁🌈 Stellar First Card Approval! Congratulations 🎉 

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Congratulations on your NFCU approval!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9 (February 2024):  
Credit Age:  
Inquiries (6/12/24):  
Banks & CUs:

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Congrats on the monster approval!

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Grats on yout 25K navy approval Smiley Happy

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Re: Navy Fed first card, huge SL!

Congrats on your BIG Navy approval

>>current scores 12/11/21
EQ Fico9 759 | TU Fico9 763 | EX Fico9 768
EX fico 8 753 | EQ Fico8 745 | TU Fico 8 760 | Navy score 294
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