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Navy Federal Help!! - Update: Approved

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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

Everyone has a different experience.   I was approved for the Cash Rewards card in March and already had the Platinum card for 6 years.  In April I applied for the Navy Amex card and was denied.  The reason given was the Cash Rewards card to new.  I reapplied last week and was approved for the Amex card.  I suspect that if you give it 3-5 months there might be a different outcome.  

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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

I have some good news to report! 


I sent Navy a letter earlier today and they did a second review. I was approved for the CLI my limit was 3,700 but it is 10,700 and they approved me for the cash rewards for 15k!!!!


I'm super excited right now! Thanks for the information guys.

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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

Navy rocks Smiley Happy
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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

Yes they do!


My credit isn't even great, my fico 9 is a 646, I still have a collection on my report plus 4 late payments.


I'm a happy member!

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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

What did you put in the letter? I am about to send one for a recon also.

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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

Here's exactly what I sent them, I hope this helps you, good luck!!


"I would like to say that I’m happy as a new member. The level of service I’ve received has been spectacular.

I have my direct deposit with you guys, a credit card and a CLOC. I’m looking to build a great history with Navy and to continue to be a great member by making on-time payments. I also recently applied for a business account and will be using Navy as my main bank for both personal and business.

I recently applied for a credit line increase on my platinum card and for the cash rewards card but it was denied. I was a little bummed out by that because I was really hoping to get the increase and the card to continue to build my credit with Navy. 

Is there a way I can get approved for the increase and the card? I have been a good member up to this point and will continue to be a good member in the future."



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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

Great ideas here...  I just submitted an ap for a cashRewards (hopefully my 2nd card with Navy) and decided to be a little proactive and sent them a very nice and detailed message through the Credit Card Application Messaging Center pleading my case.  I know it's Friday and I probably won't hear anything until Monday, but it seemed like a good move to send the message along with the app.


We shall see.


-- @qasiymsg  I took some inspiration from your message above, and just reformatted it a bit for a pre-emptive strike.  

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Re: Navy Federal Help!!

I hope it works out for you. 


They were very quick with a response, they responded and approved me the same day. It's a good chance you get a response today!


Keep me posted, good luck!!

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