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Navy strikes again!

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Re: Navy strikes again!

Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊 on your Navy Plat. approval @Credit_Phoenix


@Credit_Phoenix wrote:

I know I'm starting to sound like the boy who keeps crying wolf but this time I promise...I really am finished and headed to the garden for 2 entire years. I have now successfully amassed PLENTY of available credit which I wont use and other than buying a home in 2 years I no longer need anything else so I'm at the point where I'm going to stop applying for things. So since I just got approved for my car loan through PenFed to get my dream car, and since Navy denied me for the same loan last weekend, I decided to press my luck and go back to the well one final time before I hibernate in the garden for a few years and just let my credit age. I applied for their Platinum Card and instantly received the message below so I took a screen shot. It's not a monster starting line, but it's not small either and I already know that as long as I treat Navy with respect, they'll continue to increase my limits. And this is the lowest interest rate that I have to date on any of my credit cards so I'll take this as a huge win. GO NAVY! 


New Navy Card.11.24.png

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Re: Navy strikes again!

Pretty good approval for you, grats on it Smiley Happy

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