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Need help please after approvals on Chase and NFCU?

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Need help please after approvals on Chase and NFCU?


So grateful, I have learned so much here in the past month, been working on my credit and now my daughter's. I was able to get us both signed up to NFCU through a family member. 


My daughter has had a Chase checking for 3 years, a BofA checking and savings 4 years, and a BofA CC for 4 years. That CC is at her $6000 limit (11.9%), she has 3 other store cards at $0 - 129 balance, and a small car loan, and she just got a $13K raise.


I took her to NFCU yesterday, she opened a checking and savings, then we went to Chase Bank and did a pre-approval there (they approved her for ALL cards). She selected the Freedom Unlimited so she could do a balance transfer at 0% for 15 months; she got a $3500 CL.


Then we went home and applied online for NFCU More Rewards AMEX, she got it with $1000 CL. These were our next planned steps, and some questions, I would so appreciate some help!


1) We called Chase last night, after getting the AMEX, trying to get a recon and up their CL (like the banker told us to). They said they were going to do ANOTHER HP, so we declined. But now I'm wondering, should she call back tonight and just take the HP? It would be so great to transfer that entire $6000 from BofA to Chase at the 0%.


2) She is planning to use the NFCU Amex for everyday items and keep paying down to zero before the statement is cut (since she still has high utilization on the other card)... is that best? Or with AMEX, does it matter, and should she LET it post and then PIF?


3) I would like to apply for a NFCU More Rewards AMEX for myself, how can I find out who pulled a HP on her? The NFCU agent kept saying she THINKS they pull Equifax, then she said maybe all three, but when I keep reading on this forum, it seems they usually HP on TU for a NEW CC account. I still have my daughter's $1.00 totalcreditcheck website open, I see today that her Experian actually went up 17 points last night after opening the two credit cards! It only showed Experian though, and only that Chase had done a HP. How can I find out who did HP for NFCU, between EQ and TU? Should I pay one month of her $29.95 to see those, since they won't update?


BTW, if it helps anyone, prior to her applications, her scores were:

EQ - 649

TU - 674

EX - 654



Thanks so much for your help!


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Re: Need help please after approvals on Chase and NFCU?

NFCU pulls TU for new credit card apps and EQ for CLIs.
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Re: Need help please after approvals on Chase and NFCU?

You could get her set up on Credit Karma for free. Pay no attention to the Vantage scores they give, but they'll show you any HPs for TU or EQ
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Re: Need help please after approvals on Chase and NFCU?


Congrats on DD's Approvals!!


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