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Neiman’s CLI - 2x in 1 month


Neiman’s CLI - 2x in 1 month

I’ve seen lots of posts on Neiman’s CLI and thought I’d share my story. I’ve have the card about 2 months now and believe my starting limit was $3,000. I wanted to purchase a item in store and the rep called and boosted my limit to $4500 on 8/30. I decided to call 2 weeks ago (less than 30 days from store increase) and requested $7,000 and was approved.

I can’t figure them out as well, but definitely happy with the amount. My suggestion is to give them an amount. Doesn’t hurt to try 2x in 1 month. I was approved!

If you have a Neiman’s card try it, I’d love to hear your experience. Btw - I suggest using your card first before requesting an increase. I had a $1,000 balance and now my balance is sitting at $3k.
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Re: Neiman’s CLI - 2x in 1 month




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Re: Neiman’s CLI - 2x in 1 month

Congratulations on your CLI!

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Re: Neiman’s CLI - 2x in 1 month

what number did you call?

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