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New credit cards approval

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New credit cards approval

Ok first I have
navy cash reward 2140 out of 14000
Capital one 700 out of 1800
First premier 0 out of 450
Capital one 0 out of 750
100% on time payments with Transunion 3 inquiries no baddies
Hp from Transunion. Experian the same with a few closed bad account no collections though just a 3 lates in the last 2 years and Experian report the same as Equifax l.I got new navy fed flagship approval yesterday for 20k. Oh I got denied for Alliant said 7-10 days in the mail decision why I’m not approved. Hp thru Transunion.Also was preapproved for capital one qs. Which I already upgraded the platinum to already so I didn’t apply.. discover cash back and chrome card, which I applied but went into review and to send in documentation because I placed a fraud alert on Experian tryna erase an authorized user account that was on my report.. and American Express delta, cash magnet I didn’t apply for neither I’m just thinking which way should I go I like all cash back cards or should I just try a credit union like Michigan first penfed zeal or cornerstone financial community which I bank with them all. I’m scared to try to get penfed cc I seen tomany denials on this forum so I want to wait til my scores increase Fico 8 Transunion 702 exprerian 679 Equifax 630
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Re: New credit cards approval

New update called discover back 5mins ago and they approved the verification and I was approved for 15k
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Re: New credit cards approval

Congrats on Discover!
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Re: New credit cards approval

Congrats. I'd let things age before PenFed. 

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Re: New credit cards approval


BEUDAFUL(NY accent😉) SL👍👍👍


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Re: New credit cards approval

How long should I let them age
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Re: New credit cards approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: New credit cards approval

Congrats on your approvals especially the 20K flagship.

Just a suggestion...If you want more suggestions on what to do next, I would say maybe break down this post and create a new and more clear one over on the "Credit Applications" board with the questions about when to apply for Penfed or whoever else.

The way this one is laid out is a bit difficult to understand. Include your scores, each card/limit/utilization. Also include any negatives on your report, and any loans. List anything else that would be worth including, good or bad. If you put all of this more in List form, rather than paragraph form, I think it'll be easier to understand and read.


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Re: New credit cards approval

+1 Ron . Good advice.

Op, big congrats on a 20k Navy card. 15k with Discover is incredible. Not many of us get to experience that. PENFED WHO??Smiley Wink
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Re: New credit cards approval

Great news on approvals... welcome 2 the fam...nice sl on both cards Smiley LOL

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