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New member to the Amex family!


New member to the Amex family!

What's up!


Got approved for the PRG today, after almost a month of sitting around waiting for their "technical issues" to clear up so that my application could go forward.


My numbers when I applied last month:


EQ: 761

TU: 752
EX: 764


I have one charge off that I paid off in May 2015, and I've had one secured card from USAA with a CL of $1000. Income after taxes is $120K.


I thought because AAoA was only two years & charge off from 2015, that I wouldn't get approved, but I did!


The manager at the call center I spoke to also mentioned that I am "highly likely" to get accepted for the Amex Platinum card as well. This is my ultimate goal. 


I got a special offer of 50k points for $1000 spent after 3 months, so I'll do that, then apply for the Platinum. I don't have any travel planned until at least November, so I'll apply sometime in mid-late October. 


Feeling impatient, gonna have to wait longer than normal to receive the card in the mail, since I'm out of the country at the moment :/

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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Congrats on the approval there! And yeah it's been understood the underwriting for the charge cards are the same more or less so if you got approved for the gold card you're basically a lock to get the platinum when you decide to go for it. Just remember when you do the AF is charged straight away.

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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Congrats on the approval, AMEX is a great bank to get in with. UW is the same across all cards, at least from what has been mentioned here and past experience. If you truly want the platinum and you already qualified for the PRG you should be good to go. Just make you understand the difference between the cards and the benefits outway the $550 annual fee. I had to do a lot of soul searching but the benefits on the platinum for me made the annual fee worth it. unless you're someone who want's it as a status symbol and don't mind $550/yr then go ahead!

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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Congratulations on the approval! And thank you for sharing some informative data points. 

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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Wassssup!!! Big grats and welcome to our ever expanding familySmiley Wink
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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Welcome to the Amex family and congrats on your approval!!
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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Huge congrats to you! Welcome to the family Smiley Happy

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Re: New member to the Amex family!

Congratulations! Don't leave home without it!

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