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Nfcu approvals!

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Re: Nfcu approvals!

DSW89 wrote:
Oh wow! So I think I should have asked for more then! How long do you think I should wait to ask for another increase? They CSR told me that if I apply for another credit card product in the next 15 days they will use the same report so should I ask for another increase now or would that be ridiculous and I should just wait?

There is 0% chance that will happen. NFCU is pull happy. They will absolutely pull again. But the limits they give make it a bit easier to swallow. If you app again expect at least 1 new HP...sometimes 2!

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Re: Nfcu approvals!

Since the rep told me within 15 days it'd be the same report couldn't I just call back in and have them fix it if that we're to happen? I've never had it happen before and I've been with NFCU since 2008 but I have read on here that it happens to people a lot.
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