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Nfcu cashRewards

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Nfcu cashRewards

Got membership with nfcu a little while back & had been waiting to see what their Amex product would be before opening a card with them. Since the card is basically the same as my Amex BCE I decided to go for the cash rewards instead. Applied over the phone while setting up features on a new checking & certificate I opened and got instant approval for $5.5k. Had hoped for something higher but with 4inq & 4 new accounts last month I wasn't suprised and frankly don't really care since nfcu cards grow so well!

Time to pickup my spade & start digging, it's the garden for this guy! For real time I swear Smiley Happy
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Re: Nfcu cashRewards

Good job!!

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Re: Nfcu cashRewards

That's right. The way NFCU rules the road with those cards that one will top out well and on schedule soon enough for you.


Congratulations on your new membership + card approval!

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