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Nice little DCU Visa pop !

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Nice little DCU Visa pop !

It had been a while since I'd requested a CLI on my DCU Visa (no rewards version by choice) so I went through the online process and got a nice $10k CLI to $20,500 plus they reduced my APR from 9.75 to 8.75%. This is exactly why I am a big fan of DCU, treat them right and they treat you right !


The purpose of my request was not so much to get another 20k CL card, I already have several, but to help thin the herd, now I can close Cabella's ($10k CL) and have one less card. I have no issues with the Cabella's card, they've treated me right with regular credit limit increases and upgraded me to their Signature version without asking, but I just don't use it much and the APR is high (21.45%) if I were to carry a balance, which I never do.


I knew this would get harder, thinning cards to get down to no more than 12 active accounts and I'm keeping Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon which means only 9 max bank cards, I currently have 16 and I can make a case to keep each one, but I'm going to get down to a total of 12 before the end of 2017, so the DCU pop helps toward that goal. The Home Depot might go after I sell my current home in late 2017 or early 2018 (retiring and moving to SC) Smiley Wink


Edit:  Welp seems DCU "recsinded" their instant approval - reason wait another 3 months since the last CLI was last October - I don't see why it makes any difference, but since its a "long term plan" I'll just call them in October - I'm a little disappointed, but I'll wait no problem. Don't understand why I got an "instant approval" and they pulled EQ which is currently at 770 and then said "never mind, we meant October" but given how well DCU usually treats me, I'll wait....

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Re: Nice little DCU Visa pop !

Nice! Sounds like you have a solid plan. 😉
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Re: Nice little DCU Visa pop !

Good job getting both the increase and reduction in APR!

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