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Nordstrom Store Card CLI

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Re: Nordstrom Store Card CLI

@macedwar wrote:

I received an increase from $300-> $2500 on 8/18/2019 and then was denied last month on 9/29/2019 after successful increases with Macy's and Bloomingdales. 


Decided to give it a shot again just now (over the phone this time) and was approved for:


2x CLI. $2,500->$5,000.


Not too shabby.

Congrats on the rapid growth of your card.  Sounds like you have the Nordstrom retail (store) card and not the Visa Platinum nor Visa Signature card.  I have the Visa Platinum and CLIs can only be done by calling in so I'm curious what you mean by "over the phone this time."  Do you have another option for requesting a CLI?  BTW, I was told by a rep last Friday that 4 months is the minumum interval for CLI but I guess that only applies to the Visa cards.

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Re: Nordstrom Store Card CLI

@Gunnerboy wrote:

Congrats on the increase!!


My Nordstrom is the second credit card I ever applied for, and its my oldest active tradeline.  Only use it twice a year these days, just to keep it active.  Limit has been stuck at 2,600!

Nordstrom CLIs are soft pull.

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Re: Nordstrom Store Card CLI

Yup Store card as seen in my sig, last time I tried via secure message I believe. 




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