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Nordstroms scl 5000 but not Visa

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Re: Nordstroms scl 5000 but not Visa

I have been thinking about why it would not be the visa version.


Per the Nordstrom website; "Everyone is considered for the Nordstrom retail card. Customers who make frequent purchases at Nordstrom will also be considered for the Visa card."  


I have no clue what they consider a frequent customer? From this I am guessing that it does not matter what your credit limit is, that you will only get the Visa if you are a "frequent customer."

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Re: Nordstroms scl 5000 but not Visa

Dep8: very sorry for the wait on my response.

I would not caLloyd myself a frequent customer buto I do shop and buy around 500 worth of merchandise 3 or 4 times a year.

I'm going to wait until September aso the customer service rep suggested. I have a few new accounts and may not need the Visa sig.. I'll keep you posted

Thanks for the awesome replies everyone, you and this entire forum has given me great info to help me build my credit!!!
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