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OMG! Back in w/ USAA 5 1/2yrs post BK/DC :)

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Re: OMG! Back in w/ USAA 5 1/2yrs post BK/DC :)

Congrats Pizza! So happy to hear that USAA forgives eventually! I looked at my account and noticed that when you go to apply for a card with them, it mentions "Good" credit as not having any BK in the past 5 years. They were IIB and I will be going for a card with them when my BK7 discharge hits 5 years. I will report back in 3 years! Who knows what their policy will be like then Smiley LOL



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Re: OMG! Back in w/ USAA 5 1/2yrs post BK/DC :)

Congrats Pizza,

USAA was included in my BK7 from Oct 2013.  I just applied for the USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Signature and was just approved for $5,000.00.

It appears that they may be relaxing their BK rules as to how long you have to wait to get back in with them.

Very happy about this!!!!!

Now I just need to get back in with Amex and then I will be credit satisfied!!!!!   LOL



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Re: OMG! Back in w/ USAA 5 1/2yrs post BK/DC :)


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Re: OMG! Back in w/ USAA 5 1/2yrs post BK/DC :)

@UncleB wrote:

Once again I'm amazed, but not at all surprised.


And once again @pizza1 shows us all how it's done.  <mic drop>


I know this has been a goal of yours for a while, and I'm beyond thrilled that you have reached it!  screamer.gif


Huge, mega well-earned congrats, my friend!  Smiley Very Happy


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Awesome UncleB ... great "selfie" Smiley Happy

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