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How did they have 6 million members without veterans? In 2015, there were only 326,253 active personnel and 57,859 reserve personnel in the Navy. And around 1 to 1.5 million active members in the other military branches.

Former active service members like myself who has had NFCU since 1999, once your in your in, you in for life unless you close it then your SOL getting back in (they do tend to block people who closed there account previously my friend went through this and had to wait years before getting back in). Believe it or not alot of miltary people use NFCU/USAA for there banks. When we are in bootcamp they push credit unions and lower tier banks. 


In bootcamp I had Great Lakes(Mistake) Credit Union, before moving onto NFCU when I got to my duty station in Washington State. These specific CU are tailored more towards active service members and ex service members who kept there accounts open like I did even when I didn't use them for the years after I got out.


With big banks you have to go through more paperwork and BS to say you are being deployed and won't be state side compared to NFCU


Like the poster before you said, zero way you can mess up with any bank in the miltary anymore. Any bank can garnish your whole check if you leave it in the negative or you bounce a check. Once they put in the proper paperwork to personnel to garnish money due its pretty much a wrap, you can't argue, complain or fight it, they won't even tell you they let you wait until you see your check. You try and move it they will track it and freeze those accounts also. They don't have to follow the 10% rule either you are in the military, you have to be pretty dumb to not pay your bills while in.


I know this from watching someone in my old division get sent to the brig for bouncing checks and they garnished his check until it was all paid, they gave no craps that he was married with kids also. 


But the more I talk to them the more rules they putting in place. If one has opened a CC or loan in the last 30 days then there is zero chance they will approve you for any type of loan. This was my wife calling in to ask about a pre-approval offer for a loan, they started asking specific question during the application process before I stopped it. So the more civilians join the more harsher the rules will become, I guess it comes with the territory since they need to find a way to keep the civilians in check and avoid loses due to civilians and the ex service members also.

I don't think this is correct.  I was approved for a CLOC and then was approved for an auto refinance within 30 days.  The refi was just at the beginning of this month and they used the same credit report.

This was attempted 3 days ago via calling in, this was not a online attempt. When the person started getting all the info she even said after she was going to send it to the specialist to get a instant decision on it. So I should have re-phrased this to calling in. I guess if one wants to input data on those type of attempt to see if apps are being limited to 2 per 30 days with NFCU. I guess they would allow the CLOC and CC initially but if someone would go after a 2nd CC or some type of loan within that same 30 day period you might run into issues.

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Wow, congrats on that!!  How does someone become part of an armed forces Credit Union?  Do I have to have any armed forces affiliation?

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You have to have served or a family member and they can get you in with USAA or NFCU.

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