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Off the chase blacklist!!!

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Off the chase blacklist!!!

OMG! I burned chase BAD in the 2008 financial crisis. Like $35000 bad. I tried a year or so ago for the amazon Visa and denied based on “prior relationship”. I’ve been flying United a lot so decided to try for chase chase branded explorer card. Got the under review message and figured it would be denied. Holy balls. I got approved. Stats- FICO approx 740 no negatives 25% utilization $200k income quite a few new accounts. $175k available revolving lines approx 4 inq. They pulled Experian and TransUnion. I’m shocked. Update- SL $23,700.
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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Chase typically holds a grudge for 10 years from the time of a previous card CO. You will never be auto approved but are likely to be upon review. Grats on getting the new card.

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

stayed under 5/24 for a while, then apped for chase, but they say no bk'ers anymore. congrats

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Congrats! Good luck on the SL!

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Congrats on your approval! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

That's good, I burned them in 2016, but for only $1000

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Congratulations on your approval and for getting off the blacklist!!

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Congrats on the new card and being off their blacklist!!!

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Congrats on your United card and getting back in with Chase! Smiley Happy

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Re: Off the chase blacklist!!!

Super cool.....time heals all....congrats on your approval....Smiley Happy

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