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On A Roll... CSR Baby!

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On A Roll... CSR Baby!

Wow! I wasn't sure I was even approved, after getting both a 30 day and a 7-10 day message from calling the automated app status number: 888-338-2586.


But, I just received a letter a few days back, from Chase Lending Services, that asked me to fax in my credentials... and, so I sent it in.


I just called the backdoor number, 888-270-2127, and waited on hold for about 5 minutes. I wasn't sure if the Lending Services department worked after business hours, but apparently they do!


The agents that I spoke with were so freaking pleasant, it was like... up and visiting Pleasantville. After verifying receipt of the fax, and asking a few security questions, based on an active trade line; drumroll please... approved for a 34k Reserve account!


After speaking to the second customer service agent, to review terms... it turns out that they will automatically overnight the card via UPS; and, the second agent was like talking to someone that is starring in a TV commercial. Of course, when you just get approved for a top flight card, with plenty of exclusivity... you're probably just as biased as when you eat on an empty stomach - and, of course, it all tastes great.


So, apparently... you get charged the AF of $450, a month or two after you receive the card. But, you can recoup all of this - and more - with the 50k SUB, and the $300 travel credit. So, it will be at least a $350 gain, straightaway; and only a net $150 AF, going forward.


Data points: Pulled EX; zero inquiries. Score ~780. 4/24.


Now I feel like I'm officially in the club! I guess I'll have to start chronicling my cards down below in the signature.


If there is a such a thing as a, "Garden," I sure as heck don't want to know. Perhaps it's time for me to batten down the hatches. These fees are going to start adding up. Hopefully, I will find plenty of use for the card, to the point where the fees are no big deal.

Thanks for all of the support, and personal sharing. This forum, and site, have both been crucial, and overwhelmingly helpful.


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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!

Congratulations on huge SL and approval for the CSR!
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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!

Congrats on your approval and nice SL!!!

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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!


Congrats on your approval and nice SL!!!

Thanks a bunch. You have an insane limit!  Did it take time to get to that, or did you instantly acquire the CSR limit - after the high Navy limit?

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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!

Congrats Trusty on a Lusty slSmiley Happy

Unfortunately, it is my sworn duty as a CL to school you on " The Garden" Like Santa and M&M, "It" DOES exist and we are some real MFers Smiley Happy
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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!

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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!

Very nice pickup and SL. Congrats!

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Re: On A Roll... CSR Baby!

Congrats. That will be my next pickup for sure!
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Isn't gardening for vegetables???
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