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Overstock Shopping Cart Trick - Approved

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Re: Overstock Shopping Cart Trick - Approved

@GApeachy wrote:

@BallBounces wrote:


What does this language mean.  I don't think I have seen this before and might have to test it ....:

You're preapproved!
Take up to 24 months special financing with the Overstock Store Credit Card.

Did you test it?

I decided to. 


Went back the next day or so and decided to test it.  Went in to a standard looking app, which I submitted, which then resulted in a "10 day message".  Hah!


No HP 2 days later.  So I tried to call the Overstock commenity number to see what happened ... and I got transferred to a terminaly ringing phone line.


Anyone want to message me a real backdoor number for this one? 


(I have a feeling I know what the 10 day issue may be ... other than just an iffy score)







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