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Overstock.. maybe trying to bribe me into using their card? lol

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Overstock.. maybe trying to bribe me into using their card? lol

So I got an alert the other day from experian about a credit line increase, figured it was discover updating my CL from 200 to 500 from when they graduated my card about a week ago (also I just got my check from that! Woohoo!).. anyway I logged in and was confused to see overstock/comenity listed as the card that had a CLI reported instead of discover.. my first thought was 'hmm that kinda took a while, I thought that already updated?' (Since I got an automatic CLI from them about a month ago, from $250 to $750), but I looked into it a little further and realized it said $1000 as the credit limit


Logged into my comenity account and whaddya know, my limit is indeed $1000 now Smiley Happy









So this is now the second automatic CLI I've received from them, and I still have yet to actually use the card (I really am going to just suck it up and buy something small in the next couple days so they don't close the account on me, especially since it's by far my highest limit - all my other cards are only at $500... well not 100% certain on my new us bank cash+ card limit but I'd eat my shirt if it's anything more than 500 lol)


Since I've seen lots of folks around here double dipping with the CLIs I figured why the heck not and hit the luv button to see if they'd really lost their minds but unfortunately I got hit with the 7-10 day message (I didn't check the box authorizing them to pull my report though), so that looks like a no go but whatever, for a card I literally have never used, probably shouldn't have gotten, and will barely ever use, it's not bad and I'm just happy they threw some more unsolicited free util padding my way Cat Very Happy


As for them data points, the card will be turning 7 months old in like 3 days I think? Almost positive the open date was the 24th.. My most current credit reports are a little odd right now, for instance my most recent EX fico 8 from experian is showing my discover card twice, both as open accounts dating back to when I opened the card in May, one with a balance of $6 (which was what reported last statement) and one at $16 (which was this month's reported balance), so that score is probably a little higher than it should be (655), I think the most accurate one I have right now is probably the one I got from amex that was pulled on the 6th, since it includes the inquiry from when I opened that card but it still only shows 3 accounts and not 4 (the amex hasn't reported yet and I haven't even got my cash + in the mail yet) - so here's that one.. I like how instead of 'fair' like literally everyone else uses describes this score range amex refers to it as 'not good' lol):






And my TU reports are a little off/outdated as well, most recent one from discover is missing my discover card entirely and doesn't include my newest inq from us bank so I think the one I got last month is a little closer to the truth give or take a few points:



 Can't think of anything else pertinent, just happy to finally have a card with a 4 digit limit lol


Hope everyone's doing good in credit land and racking up that cash back on all those end of the year/holiday purchases, much Heart to all you MFers! Har har that never gets old to me



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Re: Overstock.. maybe trying to bribe me into using their card? lol


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Re: Overstock.. maybe trying to bribe me into using their card? lol

Meowww C O N G R A T S! Meowww
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Re: Overstock.. maybe trying to bribe me into using their card? lol

CongratsSmiley Happy 1k reasons for kitty to playSmiley Happy
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