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PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

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Re: PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

@Anonymous  Congrats on your increase

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Re: PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

Congrats on the increase

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Re: PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

Congrats on the CLI!

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Re: PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

That's great! Congrats to you!

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Re: PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

@Anonymous wrote:

@Aim_High wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:

@Aim_High wrote:
Now the bigger question I have is how in the world did you end up with a US Bank Altitude Reserve? 

Opened an account with them over the summer by opening an investment account then immediately opening a checking account.  Investment accounts bypass location restriction, and once you're in, you can open other accounts. 

Ah ha!  Maybe you were one I read about that bypassed the geographic qualifier!  I forgot who was talking about it.  Very shrewd method and congrats on the card!  Also, thanks for the feedback on the banking and investments.  


How do you like the AR? 

I may or may not have been the one... I read someone else doing it, and did it... then posted my own success... so could have been me, could have been the guy I copied.  I'd been wanting a USB account for a while.  Chase chased me out of the CSR, and so i'd been looking to drop my banking relationship, BofA is a NofA (I don't like them, got fee'd to death there once...) and Wells can go eat a bag of phallic objects.  (Seriously - tried to do business with Wells and it took FOUR trips to get them to get the paperwork correct on a simple business checking account.  ). 


I _LOVE_ the AR so far, but too early to tell.  I've had it all of two weeks.  Like, it showed up right before thanksgiving.  Still getting acquainted.   They give the 325 travel credit for eating out right now, so thats a freaking no brainer. It'll be drained before new years.  


You know what I really like about US Bank?  The people.  I've gotten help every time i've called.  They're nice.  They don't subject me to multiple levels of a freaking IVR.  They get me to a person and handle my inquiry. I responded to a survey that my issue wasn't resolved to my satisfaction, and got a PHONE CALL.  Turns out I rated the wrong call... was thinking about my CLI call.  Issue WAS solved.  He took notes.  Asked me for any other feedback. I griped about external transfers in the mobile app (doesn't exist yet). Told me he'd get it to the right spot.  

THEY (at least act like they) GIVE A CRAP.  Its amazing.  

Thanks for that feedback on US Bank.  Maybe I should revisit some strategy with them.  I know many love them, and you're not the first I've seen giving them glowing reviews.  Good customer service is so important and getting harder to find, it seems.   But I generally prefer to bank places where I can walk in and talk to someone if I need/want to, and unless they expand that won't be the case with US Bank.  I have many checking accounts also with both big banks, big credit unions, and smaller credits.  I opened accounts last year with PenFed and Navy, but they both have physical branches within less than a half hour's drive.  The only FI I put some smaller deposits with that isn't local is AOD FCU in Alabama, but that's been pain-free.  They are great.


I just came back to AMEX and got very irritated with their IVR system trying to speak to someone.  Stupid thing hung up on me twice before finally connecting me.  Took over 15 minutes with the multiple redials.  I was definitely not impressed. 


So tell me more about what happened with Chase and chasing you away from Sapphire Reserve?? Was it the increase in AF from $450 to $550 and the new "benefits" that many don't like?  Smiley Sad

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Re: PCFCU CLI 6k -> 15k

Congratulations on your PCFCU CLI!

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