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PNC Cash Rewards Visa approval

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Re: PNC Cash Rewards Visa approval

Hi guys, long time lurker and very grateful for all the information I've gleaned from this forum. Just wanted to add my experience with applying for a pnc cash rewards card. CK gave very good approval odds, which I don't usually take seriously. Figured "what the hell" and appd for it with the following scores... EX: 668, TU: 673, EQ:676. Lots of very old baddies on my report (most aging off in the next few months) but 100% payment history for 5 years and low balances on my other toy cards. I was immediately approved for a 10k sl and as far as I'm aware, they only pulled experian.

Maybe they're loosening up their requirements, maybe not. I was definitely shocked at my approval. Good luck and thanks for letting me lurk and use this forum for the amazing resource it is.

Edited to show income as someone further up mentioned it. My annual gross is 120k but they didn't ask for any proof.
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Re: PNC Cash Rewards Visa approval

Congrats! I love my PNC cash rewards card! The 4% on has and 3% on restaurants all the time make the card more than worth it for me! Although I didn't even pay attn to the rewards when I first got it lol! I bank at PNC and they offered it to me one day while doing some in bank transactions so it was kind of spur of the moment decision lol. Glad I did though it's def a card I will be keeping in my wallet for everyday spends. 😊

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