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PSECU -- $30k approval!!

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PSECU -- $30k approval!!

I have been a member of PSECU for about a year but only have the share savings acct with $10 in it.  

I decided about a month ago to apply for the Classic Visa due to the rolling 2.9% balance transfer rate and low purchase rate.

I waited until a few accounts that I paid off reported yesterday and then applied this morning.  My scores had jumped to 756 - 780 across the board.


It was a pretty standard application, no income documents required, and I got an instant approval for $30,000!!  

I have an NCFU card with a $30,500 limit so this is not quite my highest but close.

It is certainly my highest instant approval.

I have seen past posts stating that the application allows you to request your CL but this did not happen to me.  


This puts my total available credit at around $310k

Current utilization is at 7%

DTI% is around 11%

They pulled Experian which is at 756 and had 9 inquiries, all over 1 year old and a few of them close to 2 years old.

AAOA 4 years


Current FICO Scores as of 01/2021 EQ 724 TU 738 EX 721

NFCU CR $30,000 | USAA Rewards Visa Signature $21,000 | USAA Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Sig $21,000 | NFCU Platinum $18,000 | CapOne WM MC $10,000 | Wells Fargo Cash Wise $9,000 | Costco Anywhere Visa $13,500 | Citi Double Cash $8,500 | PenFed Rewards Visa Signature $17,500 | PenFed Promise $12,500 | Amazon Rewards Visa $3,500 | AMEX BCP $2,800 | Capital One QS 3,750 | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5,500 | Discover IT $1,800 | Amazon $10,000 | J Crew $11,500 | PayPal Credit $10,000 |Belk Rewards $10,000 | US Bank Platinum $10,500 | Amazon Store Card $10,000
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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Wow, great approval! Congradulations, I am going to move them up my list

Current FICO 8:
Current FICO 9:

Inquires :              

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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Whoa that is awesome! Congrats!!

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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Nice! I luv PSECUSmiley Happy. They treat this poor dude rightSmiley Wink

NN7! Fico math 1 HP = 20 CG LIEr Club Plankowner
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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Whoa!😱  You caught a monster approval there! Fine job, Cheers!

NFCU More Rewards 24K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
NFCU Cash Rewards 4K CL
Discover IT 1.5K CL
Cap1 Quicksilver 600 CL
NFCU auto loan
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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!


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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Congratulations on your monster approval!
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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

That's terrific!  Congratulations on your approval!! 🎉🥂

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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Niiice SL, congrats!

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Re: PSECU -- $30k approval!!

Congratulations on your splendid approval!

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