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PayPal Approval!


PayPal Approval!

I had been denied by Amazon so I didn't try the PayPal but I finally did today and I got it!  That 2% means I won't be using my Ollo (2% only for gas, grocery, and drug stores) or Capital One (1.5% on everything) anymore!  That 2% is one of the best deals out there.


I have read some nasty thing about Synchrony Bank.  Any comments?


Do you think the fact that I got approved for one will make it easier to get the other?

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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congrats on your approval! Do you have in DP's?

As far as synchrony. My advice is dont go hog wild asking for loads of different accounts from them. They are good as long as you use wisely. Being approved for one doesn't always mean you'll be approved for another. If you do however really want another card from them, truly weigh the pros and cons and then go for the other one you want. Good luck!


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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congratulations on your approval and a good 2% back card!

It depends on a number of different factors. Just because you’re approved for one card from that company, doesn’t mean you will automatically be approved for another. Use your new card wisely and you will be rewarded. I’ve read that Synchrony cards grow a lot in a small amount of time. With that being said, I only have a Walmart store card from Synchrony, so I’ll let the experts answer your question. Lol. Good luck!

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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congrats on your PayPal Cashback approval! Great 2% card! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congratulations on the approval!


I would wait a few months to let Sync get to know you before going for another card. 

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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congrats on the new card! I have 3 cards with Synchrony and have never had any issues with them so far in 3 years.  I know some don’t like them but i think you can say that for any lender.  

As far as it being easier to get other cards with them now I’m not sure.  I’m of the opinion they really just care about TU scores, but that’s just my experience.  

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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congrats on your approval !!!!




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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: PayPal Approval!

I use this 2% card as my primary card.  I push all auto-billing through it (including rent) and use it for daily spend.  The only thing I will say I don't like is the lack of account notifications.  This card works through PayPal and because of that you can't setup a $1.00 alert for charges, etc.  You just have to keep an eye on it.

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Re: PayPal Approval!

Congratulations on the approval! Are they still letting people open and link a business debit to make this a 3% cashback card?

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