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PayPal Credit CLI

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Re: PayPal Credit: Unsolicited CLI

@bizarrocreditworld wrote:

Congratulations! Just checked my PPC account saw that I also got a $1K CLI. Must be the semi-annual review.



Edit: You are right. Per this thread, other members reported auto-CLIs in February and August. Nice to see Sync maintain the trend...

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Re: PayPal Credit: Unsolicited CLI

Prompted by this thread, I checked my Paypal Credit account and noticed my limit had been bumped from $2,100 to $3,100.  I'm an infrequent Paypal user so my limit had been stuck at $2,100 ever since I opened the account in 2005.  But recently I've made several transactions of reasonably high value, and just last week I updated my income after getting an e-mail request to do so from Paypal. 

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