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PayPal Extras MC Approval!

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PayPal Extras MC Approval!

Logged into my paypal to make a payment on my Paypal credit account. There was a screen that said, "congratulations, you are invited to apply!" I was skeptical about going through with it, but I talked myself into it after about 5 minutes (logic: this hasn't popped up before, so it must be a good sign/pre-approval). 2K instant approval! I'm glad I went for it. There goes my second highest SL! No more applying for me,for real this time (I'm trying to convince myself). The only thing I need (or want) now is for my Discover card to unsecure.

Lurking & Rebuilding since 7/2015. Starting scores: All low-mid 500s. Current scores: EQ-632, TU-664, EX-694. First goal: 700s (across the board) by the end of 2018!
Current cards: AMEX Green Card, BBVA ClearPoints- $5000, PayPal Extras MC- $2000 Best Buy Visa- $750, Cap1 Quicksilver-$1000 Cap1 Platinum- $300, Merrick Bank- $1100, Target Redcard-$2400, CU Visa Card- $1000, Discover Secured Card- $500, Kohl's- $700, Walmart Store Card-$3500, Sam's Club Card- $437, Chevron Card-$2000, Paypal Credit- $4000, Fingerhut-$3200, Deserve Pro-$1000, Banco Do Brasil-$1400, Penfed Overdraft Line- $500. A few more store cards 20% Utilization across the board
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Re: PayPal Extras MC Approval!

Congrats there!

'He took my Doritos away though' - @imapharmacygirl, Wine Connoisseur
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