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PayPal MC Approved!

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Re: PayPal MC Approved!

I didn't use it much the first few months...
Then racked up about $2000+ on it and paid mostly in full.

So in a year's time, I maybe spent $3000-4000 on it. Ive also made large payments as compared to the balance ...usually $200-700. I currently owe about $700/20,000 on it. I don't mind paying a little interest since theyve allowed me to have a high credit line. I may go ahead and pay 'er off next month though. $20 of interest a month isn't my idea of a financially savvy decision! Lolol
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Re: PayPal MC Approved!

Congrats, You Rock  !!

How long did it take to go from $4400 to $20,000 ?

I have been in the garden since Nov. but Spring is here and PayPal keeps knocking on my door.


Do you Request a CLI every three months ?

Are they soft pulls ?


Just getting back out it has been a long winter ??



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Re: PayPal MC Approved!



I wanted to app for ebay MC, but found out u can only have smart connect which i have.


so is this mean for those of us who have smart connect, we can not app for ebay MC as well as pappal extra MC?


am i reading this right? and also do i need to cancel smart connect in order to app for those mentioned above?


GO Trojans!!!!!!!

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Re: PayPal MC Approved!

You can't have both. Why do you want to cancel your Smart connect?
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Re: PayPal MC Approved!

Watch out for a spam email asking your to activate your new Paypal MC.  It looks very official, but if you check the links, it's spam/phishing.  I'm very curious as to how they found my email...and knew I had the card incoming.

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