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Paypal Credit CLI 2018

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Re: Paypal Credit CLI 2018

I was able to get a cli on my PayPal Credit (formerly BML) account about a week ago by making a purchase the was more than the available credit.  No hp on any of my credit reports and the new credit limit showed up following the purchase.  

Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, I've learned to dance in the rain.
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Re: Paypal Credit CLI 2018

Thanks for sharing.


In hindsight, I think the amount for my test transaction was way too large. I had some available credit prior to attempting the purchase but the amount wasn't enough to cover the cost of the charge. 


In any event, it sounds like everything has remained the same except for the interest rate and the fact that a minimum monthly payment now applies to all purchases, which is included in the minimum payment due.


I'm on a debt-free journey, y'all.
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Re: Paypal Credit CLI 2018

Just logged into my Paypal Credit account today and noticed a auto CLI from 1K to 2K.  Nice surprise.

Chapter 7 Disc 03/2015 As of 09/02/18 **FICO 8 - EQ 658 / TRANS 658 / EXP 687 **FICO 9 - EQ 697 / TRANS 680 / EXP 711
UTL 1% ...TTL CL's $98,500
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Re: Paypal Credit CLI 2018

Thanks and congrats just checked I also got a cli from 250-750 got this in April 2017
My first card 5/2017

Nfcu 3 cards
Cash 500-$23.8/ Cash 2 $15.7k/Nfcu Amex $5k-6.5
Sync 9 Cards
pp credit 2h-$5k/Marvel $10k/Tjx $4k/Lowes $3k-$30k/Rakuten $5.7k/CareC $8.2k-$20k/Sams Mc $2.4k/Ppal Mc $3.5k
Citi 6 CC
Home Depot $1k-$15k/Tire king $1.3-$3k/MacyAmx $2k-$11.5k/Citi simpli $2.2k/BestBuy Visa $4k
Other Banks
StateFarm $6.9k/Banco $2.2k/Bbva $4k/Target $1.7k/SCU $15k/Ikea-$8k-/ $14.75/ Disco $10k/
Nfcu $15k/Cap1-Walmart $10k
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