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PaypalCredit auto luv

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Re: PaypalCredit auto luv

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Lux, i use it only occasionally. I think maybe 2 or 3 times ive had it upwards to my original balance about 400-500 but i would pay some every month and a couple occassions used my Boa bt's to bring it back to zero. I just baught some sneakers and i have 6 months to pay it down but will try to pay it down as fast as possible. I prefer to try to use this account like a pif anyway but the 6 months 0% interest is great for purchases over $99.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. Im glad B335 got one tooSmiley Happy.

I think if you at least use it a few times and make your payments eventually theyll give an auto. Good luck Luxe on getting oneSmiley Happy

So I used my PayCredit for a small charge on Etsy yesterday.  I checked the account this morning and my credit limit finally increased!  I had been at my initial SL of $750 since 2014.  I'm now at $1,600.  I will definitely start using this hidden tradeline now!! 

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Re: PaypalCredit auto luv

Thats awesome luxe Smiley Happy.

How much of charge did you put on it , so at least someone doesnt think you baught something for like 900 bucks lolSmiley Happy. Yeah i think now you will start seeing luv once in awhile. $1600 sounds sweet for being hiddenSmiley Happy
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Re: PaypalCredit auto luv

It is a mistake to think that you have to Max it out to get increases. I got my increases by let for a while and then used it a bunch at once. I also paid it off before the six months at about month 4. For the guys and gals with very small limits to start with yes I would use aggressively at the top and try to punch higher.
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