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Pen Fed cash rewards approval

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Pen Fed cash rewards approval

Hello fico members, Im excited to have been approved for my 1st pen fed credit card (cash rewards). Again, I have the fico community to thank. I joined by making a $17 donation and opening a savings with $10. Once I submitted my application I got the standard "needs further review message". However, I knew from fico this didn't immediately mean denial. After about 2hrd I get an email statingIve been approved for $5000 scl pending income verification. They needed 2 yrs of most recent tax returns. I understand they usually request income verification when u are self employed. This confused me because I'm not self employed however I do have a "high income, may be that's why they needed to verify?? Ivee been on an app spree since early august but I think I'm done for now 7 new accounts (including this one) and one new auto loan. I also was approved for credit card in June from my credit union with $1000 co. That was before I started repairing my credit. Following month I applied for my auto loan my credit shot up 70 points . However, MCU stated no cli for 12months...12 momths??? Are you kidding me. I think I'll call in to cancel this one since I just got approved for pen fed.
A little info about my app spree:
7/17- mcu generic cc- $1000 scl
8/17- AMEX BC- $4000 scl (original $2000 butrecon for $4000)
8/17 -AMEX everyday cc- $1000 scl
8/17 Marvel Mastercard- $2000 scl
8/17- amazon prime store card- $5000.
8/17- c21 status cc- $1600 scl
9/17 pen fed power cash rewards -$5000 scl
8/17- Mcu auto loan -balance $25500

I applied but was denied for Bofa travel rewards and citi double cash back card, even after I was pre approved lol.
I've also received about $20000 in cli on the cc I had prior to app spree.
My total cl in 6/17 was about $37,000 as of 9/17 it's about $90,000.
I think I'm going to garden now as u guys would say lol. Racked up 7 in on TU, 5 on AS and 8 on EX.
My fico scores before spree.. EQ-710, TU- 699, EX 690
Fico scores as of todat- EQ-688 , TU-693 , EX-678

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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

Congrats on all the summer approvals and the PC! Smiley Happy 

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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

Thank You. I got greedy, after posting this I read how the used the sam.e scores for 90 days , so I w ent ahead and applied for platinum rewards card also. I was approved with 5k starting cl with 14.99%Apr, same as my cash rewards card. I'm gardening for real now lol 9 accounts In months but I just closed mcu visa so guess that's back to 8.
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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

Congrats on your great PF approvalsSmiley Happy
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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

It happens, dude! I got all of mine this summer, (except the QS), but I went like 8-9 years with zero revolving credit so I kind of wanted to get the cards I really wanted before gardening. The last one I grab before heading to the garden was Amex Plat. I need to add it to my signature. lol Smiley Happy

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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

I was trying to figure that signature thing out.
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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

That's a great set of cards and limits!

Congrats! Smiley Happy
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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

Congratulations on all your successes. I love PenFed!

Daily Drivers: Penfed Platinum Rewards; NFCU GoRewards; Discover..
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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

Major Congrats!!!  PENFED continues to impress me everyday that goes by!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Pen Fed cash rewards approval

@Neshy105 wrote:
I was trying to figure that signature thing out.

There are treads out there for this, but this is what works best so far on my end.


<img src="" title="AMEX Green NPSL" height="25" width="45">


Note the bold above, those are the ones you need to replace for each of your cards.  


For the link:


1. Just google your card

2. Click on "Images"

3. Right click on the image you want, hightlight and copy the Address URL and paste/replace it on the link above in bold (make sure the url ends with .png)


For the title, all you have to do is change it. For multiple cards, make sure you paste the formula right next to each other.  See below in red.


<img src="" title="Card #1" height="25" width="45"><img src="" title="Card #2" height="25" width="45">

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