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PenFed Bonanza

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Re: PenFed Bonanza

That's aewsome! Glad you're getting the love!

In the garden since 5/30/17
Starting scores: 538 EQ, 552 TU, 520 EX Current scores (10/09/17): 730 EQ 724 TU 693 EX
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Re: PenFed Bonanza

Starting Score: EQ 606 TU 623 EX 598 - April 17'
Current Score: EQ 644 TU 664 EX 667 - May 18’'
Goal Score: EX 750 TU 750 EX 750

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Re: PenFed Bonanza

That's incredible congrats. I can't get any love from Penfed yet. Hopefully can down the road!

Started in the 600's. Got up to the 700's. Racked up high util so now I'm back down to 600's. Just paid off all cards in full at one time. Waiting to see what that does to my scores.
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