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PenFed CLI appoved $10k

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PenFed CLI appoved $10k

Hard pull on EQ.  took abouta day and a half for approval status to pop up.


No POI (ever),  Scores 792 FICO, dozen inq's the past 12 months, 1% uti, no baddies

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

Congratulations on your CLI!

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

Congratulations on your CLI!!

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

Congratulations on your PenFed CLI!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9:  
Credit Age:  
Inquiries (6/12/24):  
Banks & CUs:

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

good job, enjoy the CLI Smiley Happy

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

Congrats on the nice CLI!

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

BOOM! Congrats on the great PENFED CLI!



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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k



I was looking to move to Penfed CU from First Tech, but idk yet. Haha

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Re: PenFed CLI appoved $10k

Congratulations on your new found liquidity!


PenFed is cruel to those who are just joining but for those that are members already they are more accepting. Treat them well and they will return in kind.

TU:758 06/19/20 Bank of America--EX: 776 06/10/20 Experian--EQ:810 09/25/18 Citi--Gardening since 01/11/21
Bank of America (Better Balance Rewards MC, Cash Rewards WMC, Cash Rewards VSC), Capital One (Quicksilver VSC, Walmart WMC), Chase(Amazon Prime VSC, Freedom VSC, Freedom Flex WEMC, Freedom Unlimited VC), Citi Dividend MC, Citizens GreenSense MC, Curve WEMC, Discover It C, FedEx Employee Credit Association V, FNBO Ducks Unlimited VS, PenFed (Platinum Rewards VSC, Pathfinder Rewards VSC), Synchrony Bank PayPal Cashback MC, UMB Bank Simply Rewards VC[Milford Federal], US Bank (Altitude Go VSC, Cash+ VSC, Cash+ VSC)
Wishlist: AAA Daily Advantage Visa, AOD Signature, Bellco Colorado Rewards, Citi Custom Cash, EBates, Nusenda Platinum Cash Rewards, Ollo Optimum,Redstone Signature, Security Service Power Travel Rewards, Vantage West Connect Rewards
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