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PenFed LOVE & NFCU...uhhh...Like?!

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Re: PenFed LOVE & NFCU...uhhh...Like?!

Thanks to those I didn't get around to thanking!

Not meaning to buMp this, but I was told an interesting tid-bit when I called in today.

I had read a few cases where people were able to PC (and I believe I've read straight up cancel and combine limits to another card) at the time of approval.  I did actually try calling in and see if they would just bump my Promise to like $24000 and cancel the PCR all together.  Was told that they couldn't, but if I wanted once I got the card I could go ahead and call in and swap around my limits.  


I just got the new card yesterday and today I opted to call in and try to swap around some of the limit like I was told I could and I was told...

Ok, so you have a max limit of $25000 available.  How would you like it distributed?

WHAT?!  $12000 + $12000 = $24000, not $25000.  So I asked if that meant I actually had upwards of $25000, even though I only had $24000 available right now.  She said basically that I was approved for upwards of $25000 total right now, but in order to get that extra $1000, I would have to apply for a CLI and go through that process and risk an additional HP.  I opted out of doing that even though I technically should still be able to get it off of my HP I just did since it was at the start of the month.  I may try it online when/if the limit adjustments happen - I dunno.


I'm not sure if it was a slip up or information that they readily have on hand and can actually tell you if you inquire.  Figured I'd share since I hadn't read anyone mention it before.

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