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PenFed Promise Visa

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LoneStarE wrote:



I am in the process of rebuilding. I have been a member of Penfed since 2002; However, I never used the account because they are so strict. Today while cruising this forum I decided maybe it was time to dust off my membership. Long story short I applied for a checking account after only having a restricted savings account. I was approved, then the rep said he could use that same CR to apply for a credit card, after nervously agreeing I was refered to the review people then only approved for 500 CL. Should I take my chances and email them to recon for a higher limit? So far I only have a 300 Cap One Quicksilver which is about 3 months old, and my PENFED NEXGEN score is 610.


You can choose to do a Recon, it has worked for me twice.


However, you will need to address their concerns.


Only you know what their concerns are, because you have been a member since 2002, and it is your credit profile.


If  you can objectively address their concerns, point for point in writing, go for it ! ! ! !


Best Wishes



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