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Penfed PCR

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Penfed PCR

Despite all my history, 2020 being the year of  bad juju, getting  2 mailers in one year and already using up hps trying to help Dad, i said fico it and threw a hp at Pendread to see what sticksSmiley Wink.   Incredibly, it was approved , no poi , and i must say, its actually a pretty good 2% card. Im impressed that even as i start to use it i can already see rewards on my home page. Of course Penfed gonna be PD lol and send me card with my Moms maiden name, which i had a feeling would happen, but i called last night and they are resending me a new card with my last name that i use. ..JoesCreditSmiley Wink




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Re: Penfed PCR

Grats on knocking down the PenFed door Smiley Happy

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Re: Penfed PCR

HURRAH!!!  That's awesome!  Congratulations @AverageJoesCredit !

I knew PF would come through!

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Re: Penfed PCR

I know my eyes are deceiving me if I'm reading a post about PenFed from a one Mr. @AverageJoesCredit that isn't speaking ill of them.  Say it isn't so.  LOL!!   Hahahahaha  Smiley LOL


Kidding aside, congrats on the approval and welcome to the wonderful world that is PenFed.  

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Re: Penfed PCR



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Re: Penfed PCR

I was starting to wonder if I missed your announcement for this - been waiting a looooong time for you to post it Smiley Happy With your past tales of woe and aggravation with them, I must say it appears hell has frozen Smiley Happy Glad to see they wised up and you got in with them! Congrats on a card that's been a long time coming!

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Re: Penfed PCR

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:

... $4150 cl 16.99 % apr

Back in the GAME Smiley Wink -- Congratulations! Joey. Smiley Happy

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Re: Penfed PCR

Wow would never imagined the day that you would say good things about penfed...  Congrats on your approval

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Re: Penfed PCR



Huge congratsSmiley Happy)))))

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Re: Penfed PCR

Congrats !

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