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Penfed Pathfinder Rewards AMEX

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Penfed Pathfinder Rewards AMEX

I've had quite the uphill challenge trying to get more love from PenFed. Have had the Platinum Rewards Visa Signature for over two years that  I obtained through recon originally. Started at 5K and I've taken multiple HPs to get it to 20K. Never have had any offers. Have been declined for  "sufficient obligated with with unsecured indebtness"over and over.  They aren't wrong. Knowing they pull EQ and noticing that my Fico Score 9 got a bump from 757 to 771, I felt more comfortable trying again.


INSTANTLY APPROVED for $21,500 at 15.99%. So gratifying to be able to get something from PenFed without going through recon or a survey. This card has no annual fee. And I plan to use it for the $100 credit for Global Entry (once every 5 years) and $100 travel credit per year. It also comes with 25,000 points when spending $2,500 in the first three months. 





My plan is to evenutally combine the Platinum Rewards Visa into the Pathfinder Rewards AMEX.  2019 will be the year of culling more cards to make room for a few new ones I have my eyes on. It will also be the year I pay off my car loan, also with PenFed. 

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Re: Penfed Pathfinder Rewards AMEX


FICO 8 (Feb 2018):EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545
FICO 8 (Sept 2022):EX- 706, TU- 685, EQ- 684
What's in my wallet:

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Re: Penfed Pathfinder Rewards AMEX

Congrats. Very nice limit!

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Re: Penfed Pathfinder Rewards AMEX

Great card and great SL, congrats on the progress with Penfed!

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