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Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

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Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

App'd by phone on Fri. for the Amex SPG, since I have a Sheraton 4 Seasons visit scheduled for March, and since I have the Zync already, a rejection would only be a SP. I was given the infamous "7-day notice," but I looked online on Sun. and saw "Approved!" I called in, and found out that they gave me $2,000. I don't know my Experian score yet, though. 


I thought to myself: There's only 1 other card out there that I really even want, now that the Cash Plus has gone kaput---the Penfed Platinum Cash Rewards (for the always-on 5% off gas, no annual fee, high CLs granted, and ready access to really cheap loan rates.)


Anyway...I was INSTANTLY approved and was given a $17,500 limit, plus an offer to BT $16,500! (I always PIF, minus an occasional $1,000+  expense that I will pay before a 2nd statement cuts).


I was next highest limit is with Discover, who gave me a $7,500 limit. This is huge for me mentally, for just last August, tPenfed declined me for everything, even for a car loan!


i was planning to freeze all 3 reports and garden for 4 years until I heard about Zync's imminent demise. Now I don't know what to do about that, for each Amex product in my report contributes 24 years of backdating (had an Amex green for awhile when I was in college).

All 3 bureaus (per Amex CreditSecure FAKO) are still 748 (as of 12/19/13). Cards: Discover It, $12,100, Chase Freedom $3,300, Chase Amazon $1,500, Walmart store $11,000, AMEX Zync NPSL, Costco Amex $14,700. US. Bank Cash +, $5,000. AMEX SPG $6,000, PenFed Plat. Cash Rewards $17,500, PenFed P-LOC $10,000, Citi Forward $5,100, Chase Slate $5,000, Old Navy, $2,200.
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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

Alright Trish!!!

NFCU Signature Visa Cash Rewards, NavChek, Citi AA AMEX, Cap1 Cash Rewards, Discover IT, Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, Chase Freedom, AMEX Green, Lowe's, AMEX BCE, Chase Sapphire Preferred, AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass, PayPal Extras MC, PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards, AMEX Platinum

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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

Congrats! You gotta love PenFed!!!
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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

Excellent! Congrats on your success!  Smiley Happy


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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!


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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

Nice going, Congrats on the approvals!

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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

I would check out the Platinum rewards card also. That card gives you 3x points on groceries, and it isn't capped.

Gas: Discover It, Penfed Platinum Rewards x2, Chase freedom, Citi TYP
Plane tickets: CSP
Groceries: AMEX BCP, Penfed Platinum Rewards,Citi TYP
Clothes: Express, Amex BCP, Discover IT
Amazon: Citi Forward, Cash +
Restaurants: Citi Forward, Chase Freedom, Discover IT, CSP
Hotels and other travel: Discover Escape, CSP
Movies: BofA travel rewards visa signature(fandango), Discover IT, Citi Forward, Freedom
Bars, clubs, tomfoolery: CSP, Citi Forward, Discover IT, Freedom
Balance transfers: Kroger 123 rewards
Bill Pay: Chase Ink Plus, Citi Forward,
Everyday spending: Bofa Accelerated cash rewards amex, Discover Escape
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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

Congrats Trish! Nice CL's!

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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

Penfed cards also have no forex and can be upgraded to chip/pin/sig.  If you travel internationally you should ask for it ASAP.

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AU- United+ Visa 33k, *97. GM MasterCard 15k, *95.
Individual- PenFed Plat Rew 7k, *08. Amex Blue 6.7k, *12. Hilton Amex 5.5k, *12. Chase Sapphire 15k, *12. U.S. Bank Cash+ 12.3k, *12. Barclays Rewards Visa 11k, *13. Citi DoubleCash (PC'd in *14) 7k, *13. Club Carlson Premier 9k, *13.
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Re: Penfed and Amex SPG Successes!

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