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Petal 1 Visa $2.5k

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Re: Petal 1 Visa $2.5k

Congrats on the approval!  I got this card a month or 2 ago as well.  It's a pretty cool card and I'm looking forward to the Petal in a few months.

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Re: Petal 1 Visa $2.5k

Congrats on your Petal 🌸 approval 👍🏼

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Re: Petal 1 Visa $2.5k

I agree. I was approved for both but the system steered me to the Petal 2 card. 


Congratulations either way





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Re: Petal 1 Visa $2.5k

Congratulations on your Petal 1 Visa! Nice CL Smiley Happy

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