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Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

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Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

Oh my gosh! I am so excited. So you all know from my story (I should create a progress thread) that I've been on this site taking in all of the advice.  In the past month, I have opened 2 Comentity Store cards (STC) to help my utilization. The Wayfair was approved SL $500 and Overstock was approved for $1400.  I really wanted the Ulta or the Williams-Sonoma but I had to remind my self that this journey is not about getting things but improving my credit so I've taken the advice of not opening too many store cards .. I  don't want to wake up the COmenity beast. 


Anyway, My Capital One Platinum MC has been on restricted status for about 2 years. I paid it off ($500) a while ago with tax refund thinking they would re-open but they never did. It reports $0 balance every month  which is good because before I found this site and start applying that $0 balance was the only good credit card reporting I had.    You guys told me that they will never re-open the card and that I would have to apply again. I knew it would be a hard pull but I figure since I've been in the Garden (unintentionally ) for the past 3 years that one little hard pull wouldn't hurt. Besides, My scores jumped 8, 12, 4 points with those Comenity cards... so I could spare some points for trying to open a non-store card.


I pulled the trigger... I did a hard application. I got the 7-10 day message. I knew it was a decline because, why not, I already mis-used the one $500 Capitol one card they gave me... Why would they give me another. Oh, well I took the lost. 


I woke up to an email saying... We've shipped your card. I am like What Card. I don't have  a card. LOL I called the Capitalone customer service and sure enough. the auto message said ... "we issued you a new card. Your limit is $3000. Press 1 if you've already received it and want to activate"


I shouted.  I wonder why I got the 7-10 day message? I never got any letter explaining. Anyway. I will be very responsible with this card.  On top of it all, the FICO simulator says with a $3000 credit limit increase my score will grow 20 points. :-)  that plus my $1 student loan pay off for 15 points has me not believing any of this. 


Any tips ... Does this card Grow?   Thanks for everything, you guys. I am moving toward 700. 

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Re: Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

Congratulations OP!

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Re: Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

Congrats on approval

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Re: Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

Good details, GC. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

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Re: Platinum Master Card $3000 SL After 7-10 Message

Congratulations @GrayCredit2018!

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