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Pondering PenFed

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Re: Pondering PenFed

Congrats OP on the successful recon!! Yaay for getting into PenFed!

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Re: Pondering PenFed

Gubmint wrote:

Thanks, K.  I have stepped out of the garden.  They said they could not recon without a signed letter, so I wrote a recon letter this morning, signed it, scanned it and emailed them.  We'll see where it goes from there.


OP. would you mind share their email address for recon? You could PM me please? Thank you.

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Re: Pondering PenFed

Congrats, OP!

I applied for the PowerCash a week or so ago and didn’t get an instant approval, so as soon as I saw that, I called and spoke with a CSR and explained why I was calling.

She was extremely polite and helpful.

After I told her my story, she went to speak to a LO and I was approved.

So I called to explain my situation before they had a chance to approve or deny me.

Not sure what you would call that, but it worked for me! 👻
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Re: Pondering PenFed

I checked their site to see which score they used for the recon and they flashed me a soft pull 698 FICO 9 from September 9th.  I do see an EQ HP from them on October 6th, though.  During the recon conversation they mentioned I was approved for $500, but for more they would have to HP me.  Aftert he HP they said "the report look the same" and offered me $500 again.  It seems their credit pulling process is pretty broken because I know I had a 731 FICO 9 at the time.  Hopefully when my credit score catches up to them in 3 months it will make a good case for a CLI.

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Re: Pondering PenFed

K-in-Boston wrote:

Great news!  It's certainly a foot in the door with the lending side and more proof that recon does work in a lot of cases!

It also nicely complements the blue-grey aesthetic you have going in your signature.


Well done! That IS great news! I love PenFed! I think you will, too!

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