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Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

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Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

Boy,  do I love my store cards, LOL.  This is currently my ONLY cc backed by Comenity.  Just when I think Im tapped out on the limit, I get another $3k cli;  usually every 6 months when I try. :-)  I use my card every few months for a small purchase, and used it a little more this past holiday season.  My cli's are always via robo lady Smiley Wink


Past history:

- Comenity and PB cc were IIB in 2013

- Approved again for PB cc,  02/2015 instant online for $2k





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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

WHOA! Congratulations!!


That's a lot of pottery! 😉

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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

It's up to us where we stop at on our store cards with them i think.


My BarneysNY is $43K.


Congratulations Pizza. I like my stores that they sponsor too Smiley Happy

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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

Wow Pizza, 2 to 40k in 2 yearsSmiley Happy. Thats alot of BarnSmiley Happy. NICE JOBSmiley Happy
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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

OMG.   I had no idea they went up that high on their limits.  And that Barney's limit that Magic has .... crazy.   You could just buy a house and put it on the card and then re-file another 7.   LOL.   (Nah.)

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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

wow those limits are crazy for store cards, congrats

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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

Congrats Pizza !!


Im trying to figure out what your minimum amount due would be if you maxxed out your card. More then my mortgage payment Smiley Happy

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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

Holy moly, I might need that card for goal reaching purposes. I’ll add that to my radar list. Congrats!!
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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!



This is good to know.  I just got my first Comenity card - Restoration Hardware and a SL of $5k.  But in order to completely furnish my house and not charge to the limit, I need more than $5k.  Good to know this card has potential to grow in order to meet my needs!

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Re: Pottery Barn CLI to $39.3k!

That's epic util padding if I've ever seen it. Congrats!

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