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Propel CLI

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Propel CLI

Going on a trip next month and started putting charges on my Wells Fargo Propel so I decided to try for a CLI again. Did one last year in December after hitting 6 months with them, then haven't really cared much about this limit since it's my gas card for the most part. Was sitting at $5k, asked for $10k, got countered to $7.5k instead and accepted without going for a hard pull.


I'll take it and hopefully remember to try again in six months to work my way up to $10k next year.


Then I jumped on BoA and asked for a $5k bump on my Customized Cash Rewards card to bring it to $25k Smiley Happy


very slightly debating on whether I want to go for the Chase Amazon card too while I'm credit card busy!

as of 1/1/23
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Re: Propel CLI

That's great! Congrats on your CLIs!

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Re: Propel CLI

Congrats on those new CLI's and also in advance should you decide to carry out the Chase Amazon app.

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Re: Propel CLI

Grats on both of your CLI'sSmiley Happy

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Re: Propel CLI

Congratulations on your CLIs!

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Re: Propel CLI

Congrats on your CLI!

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Re: Propel CLI

Congrats on your increases 👍🏼

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Re: Propel CLI

Congrats on both of your CLIs!

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Re: Propel CLI

Grats on your Propel move on up Smiley Happy

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Re: Propel CLI

Is there a specific reason for using this card as a "gas card" as opposed to another?

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