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Qs approval $300 world elite??!

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Re: Qs approval $300 world elite??!

Congratulations on your QS approval!

Current Cards (in order of approval):

Current FICO 8 | 9:

Credit Age:

Inquiries (24 month):

Banks & CUs:

Goal Cards:

Currently: 2/6, 2/12, 5/24
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Re: Qs approval $300 world elite??!

@Sz1 wrote:

world elite means I shouldn't be bucketed on this card in anyway right?

@AllZero wrote:
Congratulations on your approval! You took 3 hard pulls for it. Perhaps, keep it open to make it useful?


All of the DP's I've read here on myFICO regarding 300 SL with Cap1 point to a bucketed CC.

I know you might be discouraged but at day 101 try for an upgrade. Many of us have been upgraded on day 101.

Congrats on your approval.

NFCU More Rewards 24K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
NFCU Cash Rewards 4K CL
Discover IT 1.5K CL
Cap1 Quicksilver 600 CL
NFCU auto loan
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Re: Qs approval $300 world elite??!

Congrats on your Cap1 approval! 🥳

“Play the game, but don't believe in it“
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