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Quicksilver Approval

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Quicksilver Approval

As part of my app spree this past Thursday, the Quicksilver was one of the last cards I applied for since Capital One pulls from all three bureaus.  I got the 7-10 day message.  Just called them this morning and she said the letter was just sent out and I got approved for $3,000.  I applied for the Venture right after trying for a 2 apps for 1 pull special, but the Venture was declined because I had a pending application.  Not sure if you can still do 2 back to back.


Now I'm just waiting to hear back from Blispay.

Marvel MasterCard $6000 / Discover It $5100 / Capital One Quicksilver $3000 / Walmart MasterCard $6000 / Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard $1300 / Lowe's $12000 / Sam's $7,000 / Capital One Secured MasterCard $500 (Closing) / Paypal Credit $500

MyFico 08: EQ 681 / TU 699 / EX 704

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Re: Quicksilver Approval

Congrats!  I Heart my 1.5% back on Everything

QS Card as well.  Keep up the good work. Smiley Happy

USAA Rate Advantage Visa 17.5% 7K|USAA AMEX Rewards+ 5K|USAA Prefered Rewards Visa 4.5K|USAA Classic Visa 2.5K|USAA Classic AMEX 2.5K|USAA Classic MC 2K|CaptialOne QS1 4.5K|Capial One QS Visa 1K|AMEX-EDC 1K|BofA Rewards VISA 10K| BarclayCard Rewards 4K|Barclaycard Choice Rewards Visa 1.4K|Walmart Store Card 6K|Amazon Store Card 4K|Sam's Club 10K|Meriick Visa 1.2K|OverStock 2K|Hilton-AMEX 5K|AMEX BCE 16K|PENFED PRVS 9K|AMEX PRG NSPL|FICOs: EQ 688 EXP 679 TU 685
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Re: Quicksilver Approval

grats, QS is legit

Gardening since 04/21/2016
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Re: Quicksilver Approval


Total Credit: $240,100Credit Utilization: 1%AAoA: 5 years, 7 monthsInstallments: Car Lease, Marcus LoanNegatives: 0

LOWES-35k | BOA-32.5k | AMEX-30k | DISC-27.1k | ALLIANT-25k | NFCU-25k | BARC-15k | BBUY-12k | CHASE-10k | WAL-10k | CITI-9.7k | PENFED-9.7k

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Re: Quicksilver Approval


EX08 658 EQ08 664 TU08 672 Total Credit Line: 63,550Utilization: 19.4%Inquiries: EQ8 EX11 TU11
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Re: Quicksilver Approval

Congrats!  Enjoy your new card!

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