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Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

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Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

Well what can i say? This approval might be my happiest of the last 7 years that ive been rebuilding my credit. Went bk back in 07 but didnt start rebuilding until maybe 8 /9 years after due to not knowing you could get credit after bk discharge. Duh!


So Sunday i decided to try again for a cc from my local bank of 20+ years Banco Popular. Ive been blacklisted hard since bk, harder than Amex, Citi etc, and they were the only FI i could not get back in with. Mind you, their cards arent  great but rhat wasnt the point. To get back in not only would complete my rebuild but maybe open up avenues for other help if i ever needed , ie loans etc ( i hope) ive wasted many a hp to get zilch lol. 


Filled in app, which went smoothly. Monday morning received a hp on TU and a phone call about 9 :30 am. I usually dont pick up #s i dont know but since i know i applied for credit could be them. Verified some personal info, i have a fraud alert, and somewhere in that convo, i heard approved.uhm what? APPROVEDSmiley Happy. Limit is $1700 but i dont care (  with my current debt im suprised not to get $200 haha) lol Mission accomplished😊


Card is on the way woo hoo , already in my home account. Comes with a 6 month 1.99 apr purchase promo and $50 SUB for $1k spend in 3 months. Earns 1.5 % cashback. Meh, but not the point haha!. Everyone knows i was short $76 to break $300k in credit and with this approval that pushes me to $301,624 in credit available.  When i got off the phone my coworker asked why i was so giddy, i just said Im BACK ....with a bank im not too fond of lol. Thanks everybody been quite the journey. Smiley Happy AJC 


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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

Congrats AJC

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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

I LOVE it when the good guys win!!!  Congrats bro!!

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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

Hey, congrats on getting yourself back in with them and reaching the $300K milestone. I remember you commenting before how you had been on the outs with them and it's always good to have local options.


I do have a card with them (Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, not the US based business unit operating as Popular Bank) and always found them pleasant to deal with on the phone.

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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

Congratulations on your Banco Popular approval and $300K TCL!

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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!


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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

Congrats! Accomplished two goals with one app? Broke $300k and got back in with your bank you've been trying to get in with?



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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!

Grats to accomplishing your rebuild goals Smiley Happy

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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!


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Re: Rebuild 100% complete, $300k barrier broke!


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