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Rebuild gaining steam...

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Rebuild gaining steam...



I have been a follower of these forums for a long time but this is my first post. I hope it is in the right spot. I am amazed at the knowledge here and could never have gotten back on track without you all. I lost a 28 year position in late 2015 and experienced a credit melt down in August 2016 when my one and only card, a Chase Freedom opened in 1999, was charged off. I paid it off in full to the CA Chase hired. I didn't know about PFD then. buy January '17.  To make matters worse, my car lease was up as well. I had to refinance $19K with Cap One and a 545 score in March. At this point I was at about drop kaboom bottom without a BK. I was determined to get positive traction and the journey back began. My first goal was to get positive trade lines the car loan was an installment loan, so check that box. I app'd for a Cap One Platinum and was approved in May '17 for a $300 CL. I ran everything through it and was increased to $500 in November. I think FICO 8's were up to 640 by this time. Meanwhile, I needed to try for a house. We found a dream house in October and I applied for an FHA loan. Somehow, my mortgage scores were higher almost 650. We closed on December 1, '17 with a $294K mortgage. By Jan '18 FICO 8's were in the 680 range. 2017 saw us with a 130 point score raise and $313.5K in new credit in 7 months.


With the house and car stabilized I gardened until November '18. Meanwhile, I got a small $250 Cap One CLI in September '18. In November, my scores were in the low 680's I knew I needed more revolvers and more credit than $750. I was too scared to try for a prime card, so I app'd for a Home Depot card to get a second revolver reporting. I was approved for a $3,600 CL. Scores went to low 700's. I continued to garden until March '19 when I decide to try to get a couple of more cards to age together. 


Since I had established a two year record with Cap One I decided to try for the Savor. I app'd March 9th and got the 7 to 10 day notice. After nothing for three days I called CS and discovered it was in the fraud department because I had mistyped my SS. I confirmed and was approved right then for $15K!!! I think my jaw was really on the floor during my happy dance. next I app'd for a Discover IT Miles and was instantly approved for $3,600! I decided to go for it one more time. So I tried for one of my lifetime dream cards, the Amex Gold. I guess it still means something to my generation to have an Amex Gold card. Instant approval on Tuesday.


Time to garden for at least a year and let the dust settle. My goal is to get above 760 and maintain. I am probably in a lesser dirty bucket so I may not get there until my baddie drops off in 2023 or so. To this point the damage from the app spree has been minimal but we will see after the dust settles. My final goal card is a Hilton Honors Aspire in the next couple of years.


Current scores EQ 707, TU 697, EX 713


CO should fall off in 2023 with three 30 day lates on a closed auto lease from 2016. Do you think I can get to 760 before or badddie drops?


I guess I should not forget to mention that in the middle of all this melt down I got engaged. She stuck it out with me and now we are finishing the planning for our wedding this 9-21-19!!


I know this is a saga and I apologize. But it means a lot to me to let you all know how much you helped us get this far back.


My hope real hope is that someone who might be struggling will find some bit of inspiration by reading this story.


Best wishes and happy gardening to you all!!



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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

Sorry for some of my typos. 😩I guess spell check missed a couple!

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

Congrats on your approval!! Keep up the great work.

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

congratz on your approvals and your dream card to boot...nicely done.

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

760 shouldn't be hard to do with time / payments. 


Just keep on the same path and whenever possible setup auto pay for at least the min payment so you don't miss something by accident.

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

Left and right winning! Congrats! Especially on that Gold! 

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

Congrats on the new cards and awesome job rebuilding!

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

Congratulations! Incredible journey with your rebuild.

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Re: Rebuild gaining steam...

Much congrats to you on your rebuild, and coming back from a low point in your life! I know how good it must feel to see approvals, instead of denials, and with reputable lenders. Enjoy!!Smiley Happy

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